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Fusion (Hot & Cold)

Fusion Extension is one of the best hair extension method available today. HOT FUSION is a type of Fusion Extension which uses keratin based bonds to adhere hair extensions to your hair and it is suitable for thick, more coarse hair types. COLD FUSION, on the other hand, is a technique which does not use heat; however, it uses a keratin based polymer to adhere hair extensions to your hair. It is suitable for all hair types but was originally developed for fine and/or brittle hair.

Whether you are looking for length or volume, Fusion hair extensions will provide you the opportunity to create your dream hairstyle. When installed appropriately by a professional the result is a very natural feel and appearance that looks as though they are genetically yours. Most of our clients love that it requires very minimal maintenance.

It is important to note that fusion can be for different hair types and textures. Whether you are African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, or any other ethnicity, fusion extension is for you and will enhance your look. If you want longer, thicker, or fuller hair, fusion is the way to go, and the best part, there are no tracks, painful braids or bumps when compared to other methods of the extension installation.

Fusion Extension
Fusion before & After


Weave/Sew-in technique is designed to promote ultimate hair protection, growth & restoration. Natural hair is braided in cornrows for flat smooth and undetectable appearance. Extensions are then sewn onto the cornrows. This process lasts up to 3 months; however, we recommend not to exceed 2 months so you can give your natural hair much need care that it needs. Over the years Weave/Sew-in method has metamorphosed into different methods like intra-blend, full weave/sew-in without leave out, full weave/sew-in with closure, full weave/sew-in with frontal, versatile sew-in to name a few. The foundation for each of these methods stem from basic Weave/Sew-in

Sew-in / Weave
Sew-in / Weave


MICROLINK or MICROBEAD is also a type of cold fusion, no heat or glue is involved in the installation process. To attach hair extension using this technique small keratin grooved beads are used to hold hair extension close to the root of your hair. Although this method seems similar to fusion, they have very clear differences in the installation process. Microlink/Microbead end result is the ability to improve your hair length and volume while maintaining a natural appearance.

Microlink / Microbead
Microlink / Microbead

Tape-In Hair Extension

Tape-In formerly known as Skin weft is a revolutionary hair extension method which uses seamless adhesive tape to bond hair extensions to your hair. The result when installed correctly is undetectable, the hair extension appears to be growing from the scalp.

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